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Anatolia Culture Centre

Anatolian Culture Centre is the common name for the Anatolian and Turkish cultural centres member of Anatolian Heritage Federation in Canada. Anatolian Culture Centres are non-profit, charitable ,educational, social and cultural organizations founded by Canadians of Turkish origin. ACC addresses Turkish-Canadians’ social and cultural needs and helps them integrate into this multicultural society better.

Anatolian Culture Centres aim to promotes Anatolian and Turkish cultures by organizing festivals, concerts, cultural nights, various activities and classes. More information about the events and classes can be gathered through ACC city websites at bottom of the page.

anatolia culture centre

Classes offered  in Anatolian Culture Centres

There are more art classes like Ebru (Water marbling) and Ney Classes, playing musical instrument Ney. There might be more classes offered according to the request. All of these classes or some of them may be offered in a specific Cultural Centre. More information about the classes can be gathered from the ACC in the city. Class start dates, required documents may change according to the city. Please contact for more information about the classes.

Events organized by Anatolian Culture Centres

Anatolian Culture Centres aims to bring Anatolian people together and build bridges between different cultures. ACC’s organizes various events to remember Anatolian cultural values and teach them to youth, to create business network links and opportunities, to organize fund-raise for events or causes or just relax and get rid off the stress of daily life. ACC’s are organizing events in the following categories:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Picnics
  • Dinners
  • Retreats
  • Fund-raising Events

Anatolian Culture Centres

Toronto Anatolia Culture Centre
Ottawa Anatolia Culture Centre
Montreal Anatolia Culture Centre
Edmonton Anatolia Culture Centre
Calgary Anatolia Culture Centre
Regina Anatolia Culture Centre
Vancouver Anatolia Culture Centre
Kitchener Anatolia Culture Centre
Hamilton Anatolia Culture Centre
London Anatolia Culture Centre