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Anatolian, Ottoman, Islamic and Turkish Arts

Ebru Water Marbling

Water Marbling, also known as Ebru, is a surface design which produces patterns like natural stones or smooth marble. Color is floated on viscous solution called size and it is transmitted to paper or fabric in some cases. It may be applied on a surface written Calligraphy. It is used for designing bookbinding, book covers and stationary.

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Calligraphy is also known as “Lettering” and Caligraphy is called as “Letterer“. Callighraphy is art of writing.It is the design of writing or lettering with a special instrument, brush or pen. Calligraphy is a part of visual arts, giving form to letters in harmonious, skillful and expressive manner.

Callighraphy is used at wedding and event invitations, graphics design and Islamic art.

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