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Turkish Cooking Classes at Anatolian Cultural Centre

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine mostly the heritage of Ottoman cuisine. Turkish Cuisine is influenced from Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean cuisines. North side of Turkey is called Black Sea region famous with their fish dishes. West side is the neighbor of Greece and Balkans. More vegetables and cheese are involved in the dishes here. South Part of Turkey are famous with their kebabs and meat dishes like Eastern Side. But South Part is famous with traditional desserts like baklava, East side has breakfasts like Van Breakfast. Center of Turkey has many dishes with grain.

Cooking Class

Turkish Cooking Class and Turkish Cuisine are the essential parts of Turkish Culture. Turkish Cooking Class plays an important role to introducing Turkish cuisine and culture. Each week there is a new dish introduced. Ladies enjoy the wonderful dishes they made the class after it.

Turkish Food

Dolma – Stuffed Leaves

Potatoes and Meatball