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Weekend School!

Weekend School at Turkish, Anatolian Cultural Centre

Anatolian Cultural Centres are organizing weekend school to help youth to learn their lessons better, do their homework, learn Turkish language and culture, learn how to read Qur’an and basics of Islam. There are social activities, field trips, museum visits, picnics and sportive activities in the program.

Homework Help

Helping to the Grade 6 to 12 with their Math, English and Science Homework. Helping them with their Science Projects.

EQAO Prep Classes

EQAO stand for Education Quality & Accountability Office administers standard test in Ontario that consists of mathematics and literacy questions

Turkish Classes

Turkish Class includes Turkish language for beginners, daily language and conversation club. There are Turkish books followed in the curriculum.

Qur’an Classes

Course includes reading and reciting Qur’an for beginners and memorizing short surahs. Also there are classes about essentials of Islamic faith.

Community Service

Weekend School is serving the community since 2005 with the support of Anatolian Cultural Centers. ACC Weekend School is filling the gap and meeting the needs of the families by offering homework help, cultural and Turkish classes.

Get involved

Events and shows are organized on the national and religious days. Students act in plays, play traditional Turkish and Anatolian folk dances, sing songs and read poems in programs. Getting involved in the programs helps children to learn Turkish and Anatolian values.

Native Language

Children can learn and speak their native language when they are away from their home country. Learning Turkish will open the doors of Anatolian treasures to them.

Expressing themselves

Children will be the leaders of future by learning their own cultural values and having self confidence. They will be role models and conduct the cultural values to next generations.