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Turkish people just like Italians in Canada use their hands very well during conversation in order to generate gestures for accentuating the importance of the statement. Besides gesture, Turkish people also heed the social courtesies. For example, one is never supposed to put feet on a desk or table because this behavior is regarded very rude in Turkey. Even one should not smoke cigarettes without asking for permission. Additionally, as mentioned before in many fields of life, elder people have a unique place in Turkish culture, so one should not cross the legs in the presence of an elderly person. The gesture for yes is to shake the head right- left. In contrast, the gesture for yes is to shake the head up-down.

The meaning of “thumbs up” gesture does not differ from one the western culture has. It means the compliment for achievement.

The shaking head sideways also has the same meaning, I don’t understand, with western culture. But while shaking head up and down means “yes” or “I understand, shaking head down to up means “no” or “I don’t understand. Although these gestures are very similar to each other, eyebrows move up when it means “no” .