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The official language of Turkey is Turkish spoken by the majority of the population 90%. The other languages than Turkish are Kurdish, spoken by 6% of the population, and the other remaining 4% share is respectively dispersed between Arabic, Zaza, other Turkic languages, Balkan languages, Laz, Circassian, Armenian, Caucasian languages, Greek and West European languages.

Languages in Turkey

Mother Tongue Percentage
Turkish 84.54
Kurmanji Kurdish 11.97
Arabic 1.38
Zaza 1.01
Other Turkic languages 0.28
Balkan languages 0.23
Laz 0.12
Circassian 0.11
Armenian 0.07
Caucasian languages 0.07
Greek 0.06
West European languages 0.03
Jewish languages 0.01
Romani 0.01
Other 0.12