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Sports in Turkey

Sport is considered very important and has many interested community around it which also explains the efforts given by the State to promote it further by having over nine thousand sports facilities all over Turkish cities and towns and by building and establishing many more. All these are managed by the Youth and Sports Directorate under the wings of the Prime Ministry. In addition to these there are many privately founded sports clubs. In the recent years the public interest towards sport activities has nearly doubled and continues to rise without any set back which helped increase the overall quality nationwide in the fields of various sports and athletic accomplishments.

Sports and recreation

The favourite sport many people actively participate in and many more follow or frequently watch games of is soccer. The male youth is particularly play soccer in all over Turkey, from the smallest of villages to the biggest of cities. Soccer tournaments, leagues and teams are present since the year 1923 when the national federation was formed. Turkey went to its first World Cup in 1954. Wrestling is another popular sport, though it used to have a much bigger influence over Turkey in the last six centuries nowadays it is less trend. However the tradition is still living with the numerous oiled wrestling competitors in the annual competitions.

Turkish first Olympic appearance was made by gymnast Aleko Mulas in 1908 games in London. Turkey has mostly won medals in the field of wrestling, but there are some accomplishments in the field of boxing and track too. Arguably the most famous Olympiad is Naim Süleymanoğlu, a featherweight weightlifter with world records in the late 80’s and 90’s and numerous gold medals in Olympic Games.